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What are the CHuFT Awards 2021?

This is an opportunity to recognise and nominate your fabulous colleagues, those who look after colleagues in the same way they look after our patients, proving compassionate care, resulting in 'One Culture of Care'.

How does it work?

The nominations for our Staff Awards are now live! There are 6 different awards up for grabs. Anyone who works for CHFT or CHS can make a nomination.

How do I make a nomination?

Easy! All you need to do is fill in a quick and easy form.

If you have already started to fill in a nomination form and have saved it, we’ll send you an update link so that you can carry on working on it.

Four Pillars Team of the Year

This is about the values that we share, and the behaviours that we demonstrate every day at work. Put simply, our Four Pillars sum up who we are, and what we’re about. We’re looking for a team that embraces the Four Pillars in their contribution to delivering outstanding compassionate care. This will be a team that goes ‘above and beyond’ in their work; looks after each other; and can evidence how they: Put The Patient First; Go See; Work Together to Get Results; and do the Must-Dos.

Click here to take a look at the four pillars poster

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Compassionate Care

Do you know a colleague who provides selfless care with kindness and compassion? If so why dont you spend 5 minutes nominating them for this award. The award honours and celebrates the skillful, compassionate care that your colleagues provide every day.

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Demonstrating One Culture of Care

This award recognises colleagues who demonstrate One Culture of Care (where they look after other colleagues in the same way they look after our patients). Always checking in with a friendly 'how are you' and keeps an eye on people who need that little extra 'TLC'* (Tender Loving Care)

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Making a difference

This award category gives us an opportunity to stop, think and thank the individuals / team who have really made a difference to our workplace/our community - we would love you to share your story of how a member of our team has made a difference that you will never forget.

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GEM (Going the Extra Mile)

This award recognises the achievements of an individual who goes above and beyond what they might be expected to do to help the Trust deliver its objectives and who strives to excel in all that they do.

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Rising Superstar

This award recognises the achievements of an individual who is showing great potential. The award looks for an individual who, in a short period of time, has shown an exceptional level of initiative, skill and commitment. The individual has made a positive impact within their service/the organisation. This individual will be someone who stands out from the crowd, who is a real asset to the organisation and who will be a future star!

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If you wish to get in touch with our Engagement team about the CHuFT Awards please click the button below. Thank you.